Friday, September 22, 2017

Free VPN Service Providers and Adsense Online Earning Technique

Today in modern era VPN are very useful and become very useful everyone need it. Main reasons behind uses of VPN are online earning, Security, Privacy and Geographical location. Many VPN provider are available on internet with paid service but every one wants free realible secure and safe VPN. So there are some VPN providers are also availabe that provides free and safe VPN service and  I will list all of them below.

Before, I tell you  Free VPN Provider you must know about the concept of VPN so that you can decide either a VPN safe or not. VPN Virtual Privit Network is used to take another IP addresses which is belong to other country or other location, another reason for VPN use is to change Geographical location changing ( Like if you are sitting in India and you want netherland location thenyou use netherland VPN) These both reason are very useful for  adsense user or ads publisher.

Foucus in below figure and red circles and lines show three different locations Flag shows USA, google show ch- China and VPN in Post show nl- Netherland location resulting company consider fake account or fake ads and banned it.

Advice:- Here for Adense user or online publisher I would like to tell when you use any paid or free VPN please be-careful about connectivity location, always check the VPN company’s country and try to connect the same location country where company belongs you can check company office or based  location on company website. for example if you use an vpn provides multiple location ( China India Netherland Canada France and USA) and company based in netherland in this case you should choose netherland IP and location.

However if you are interested in USA based IP then you should choose US based company. Remeber all above advices does not matter for other users who are only interested in privit connection data encryption or run pornography adult related searches.
Blow you can find a list of free VPN and Configuration steps. If you know or find any other free VPN that is not mentioned below please leave a comment with VPN name so that I can include it. When your VPN is connect be sure to check google location in last of google page and browse any your site to track vpn location.

VPN has many technologies like OpenVPN / L2TP / MS-SSTP / PPTP / PPP

But here we will discuss most popular and most secure and widely use technologies OpenVPN and L2TP

Free OpenVPN

VPNBook  Provides openvpn services in following region :- Europe Germany Canada and USA and it is based in Switzerland. I would recommend for adsense Europe and Germany IP’s would be fine for this VPN but you want try other location. To setup vpnbook see below figure and focus in red circle.

First you have to download OpenVPN client install VPN client follow instruction as in readme.txt
Password and Username can be taken from website and is oftenly changes in every one or two week.

2. also provides multiple location you can check in website.
I would recomment Russia location for adsense is best. To setup Freeopenvpn see below image or visit webiste.

3. VPN Gate :- VPN is a great choice it has many location and many hosted servers It is recommended you must visit site to check all locations and servers. Below see images show few of location for openvpn.

To setup openvpn of vpngate follow the link and instructions.

4. easy to use just install client download bundle and setup as instruction followed in website  or see below Image latest password and user name  can be found in website.

5. :- Freevpnsoftware provides location for UK and US to setup freevpnsofware as openvpn visit link or see below figure.

6.  provides Openconnect, OpenVPN, PPTP all are best for normal users but for adsense OpenVPN is good. To setup OpenVPN see below Image or webiste website for any information username and password is changed in every few days.


  1. Yes all VPN you provided are free but is that conform they are safe for adsense and why only OpenVPN and why don't PPTP or L2TP

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    1. Yes bro all VPN that uses advance technology like OpenVPN and encryption type like TLS, SSL are save these VPN are OPENVPN but must follow safety instruction in post and don't use for your self blogs.

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