Saturday, July 8, 2017

Get your system faster in few steps

Remove hanging your system
Most of time computers or Laptops users faces hanging and slow system issues. Today I am gona tell
you about how you can get your system faster.

1 . open search menu from start and type à  msconfig
as in figure below

and you will see new window click on startup and uncheck or remove check from the programs that you dont want open when computer start and click apply, you can use those programs however you want.

2. Again open search menu from start and type à  services.msc
and you will see new window of all services simply check the services of those programs that you don't use every time and set those services on manual, or you can disable but in this case you would reset services when you will use that programs. 

3. Open C drive or the drive where you window is installed and enter in user-profile-AppData-Local-Temp and then clear temp folder.

4. check you net cable or connection if net slow some time your net is slow from services provider and you think your system is slow.
5.Install latest version antivirus update it and scan complete system but first simply scan C drive and then remove all viruses that are detected.
6. Clear download folder in C drive and users profile watch path in figure also clear documents, video folders and place doc in other drive.

7. Remove unnecessory programs from control panel and Programs and features.

8. Remove Extensions from your chrome.


  1. I am a IT support engineer I found it Really helpful informative interesting and impressive post every computer users must have these basic skills to run PC perfect.

  2. wow dear nice post I always face these slow computer issue i bookmark it and will try these steps thanks again

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  4. good job bro that's very useful tips thanks

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  7. msconfig and click whihch u want disable tick remove and apply ok then restart or no as u want if just then ok if not restart later after it go to start window position left under corner serch program and file type %temp% and press enter then showing foder temp select nd press enter select all press delete ok and the select all skip ok enter go to recycle bin empty recycle bin you can do this in a day 5 to 10 times. rest fo next lession.thnx


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