Monday, March 14, 2016

Install Configure DHCP Server

Installation and Role Configuration

These are the steps necessary to add the DHCP server role to a Windows Server 2012 computer:In Server Manager, click Add roles and features.
In the Add Roles and Features Wizard, click Next.
On the Select installation type page, click Next.
On Select destination server page, click Next.
On the Select server roles page, select the DHCP Server check box.
In the Add Roles and Features Wizard, click Add Features, and then click Next.
On the Select features page, click Next.
On the DHCP Server page, click Next.
On the Confirm installation selections page, click Install.
On the Installation progress page, wait until the Installation succeeds.
Once the installation completes, you can proceed to authorize the DHCP server or start configuring the DHCP scopes.

To configure a DHCP Scope we have to open the DHCP MMC. So please click "Tool" and than "DHCP". 
 In the the DHCP MMC we click right on the DHCP Server and than on first on "Add/Remove Bindings...". 
Please check if your Binding is set on the right Network Interface if not please change it before you go on.
After you checked and changed the settings please click ok and go back in the DHCP MMC. Klick right on the DHCP IPv4 stack and select "New Scope". 
The wizzard starts. Klick "Next". 
Select your Scope Name and a Discription. 
Now you have to select the IP range and the subnet, that will be managed by your server. 
Now you can select exclusion from DHCP e.g. static IPs or reservations and the delay. 
Now you have to set the leasetime. 
Here you can select if you want to configure the DNS, default gateway and WINS via wizzard or later manualy.
At first we configure the default gateway. Normaly this is a router or routable switch
After this we configure the DNS Options that will provided via DHCP. First the Domain name. This should be the name of your DNS Zone that will be handled with this IPs and the DNS Servers.
Every entry you make will be checked. If an DNS Server is not reachable you will get a warning but you are able to enter the IP either. 
We have nearly finished, now you can decide if you want to start the scope now ok later.
Now click "Finish" and the scrope will be installed and activated. 
The DHCP MMC should look now nearly like this.

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